Since its formation in 2007, RB Safety has evolved through offering a much-needed, specialised and responsive service to become the highly respected organisation it is today. Having expanded from a team of two to a company of over 75 staff and associates, we remain rooted in the values of an owner operated independent enterprise and put customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do.

RB Safety originally focused on technical, safety and project management support to the UK nuclear submarine programme but we have developed experience in the international nuclear sector and other high-hazard industries such as power and chemicals through the recruitment of high-calibre people in these sectors. Our dedication to excellence and our skills sets means we have been privileged to work with several world class organisations, both public and private, in a range of sectors.




  • Passionate about doing things well
  • Eager to take on the difficult challenges
  • Openness and honesty, acting with integrity
  • Respectful of others’ point of view
  • Accountability for our actions
  • Enjoyment of our work
  • Commitment to our Customers and our workforce

Exceptional Service

Successful companies don’t happen by accident. At RB Safety we have a corporate value system that infuses everything we do. The result is that all who come into contact with RB Safety enjoy a level of service and commitment that is exceptional.


Trusted Partner

A trusted partner of choice providing independent, reliable technical assistance and risk and safety management services of excellence operating in complex, highly regulated environments.

We aim to have a direct impact on our client’s success in achieving their goals, whether working for business or government. We strive to offer clients both the practical advice and the insight that will help them achieve their desired outcome.

David Graham, MD, RB Safety