• System/Platform Design
  • In-service Support
  • Systems Engineering
  • Weapon Engineering – Maritime Weapon
  • Development of a comprehensive technical documentation strategy to encompass the requirements of legacy and future complex systems
  • Systems, Strategic and Tactical Weapon Systems (SWS & TWS), Air Weapons
  • Technical Reporting


  • Post Design Services (PDS) Support and Through-Life Management (TLM)
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM)
  • Ship/ Air Interface and Integration SME advice
  • Configuration Management
  • Engineering and technical support to all areas of Astute and Successor programmes, direct to MoD or via Tier 1 suppliers across safety, support, marine and weapon/combat system sectors. Engineering support also being delivered to air platform PTs and Tier 1 suppliers in support of DE&S outputs
  • Engineering support for the resolution of technical issues related to Astute Class maintenance, documentation and material support deliverables
  • Global explosive and engineering support, explosive safety management, coordination, planning and accounting of all Naval Base OME handling and Lead Instructor/Assessor for SM Flotilla Weapon Handling including SM (TWS and SWS), surface ship requirements covering
    Detailed system level review and analysis for Successor combat system design and equipment. Requirements scrutiny, risk reduction, identification of potential AR&M threats & recommendations for very significant WLC savings, complementing work for Secondary, Electrical and Ship Systems
  • Design/integration of single/multi-spot flight decks and aviation facilities for UK/international surface platforms to UK Def Stans, Lloyds Register and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) rules, across 3 aviation domains